Latro is a derivative from the word Latrodectus—the web of a black widow spider. LatroArt can be defined as drawing and painting using the elements and principles of spider web construction. There are many ways and technique used by spiders to create spider web. He creates an image mostly with straight lines where the contour line is totally eliminated. Therefore the movement and the energy in the lines have a continuous flow. 
 “Some spider webs are geometrically symmetrical and some looks really messy, don’t let this fool you. Every line drawn in the webbing system has an end goal. Spiders are very skilled artisans. There is always more to it and even after 14 year of its existence LatroArt is still evolving,”
Mr Caution explains the birth of the concept leading to LatroArt. “As a kid I loved adventure and I was always curious about every thing I saw. Spider webs fascinated me. I would watch tedious webbing process for hours. Who knew that someday I will get so inspired to invent a new style of painting? In 2002, I was staying with friend for few days in his basement apartment which was dark and infested with spider webs. During my stay I was bit by a spider and upon returning from the emergency room I found myself staring at the spider web. For a minute I forgot about the bite and got lost in world of imagination which gave birth to LatroArt and that bite changed everything for me

“People love LatroArt. They love the invention and development of the idea. LatroArt is a display of bright colors and accurately portrayed lines in a meaningful context revealing the mastermind at best.  The movement of the lines and the energy within gives a birth to an illusion of three dimensional shapes on a flat canvas. Thus all the splendor of LatroArt and the mastery in the field is admirable.”--Art Collector